Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Trinidad Bass Tournament 6/9

Trinidad Tournament
Check in/Registration will start at 4am (Please see below for launch spot) 
Please have all your paperwork and PFD, light, sound device, and Measuring device (Hawg Trough, or Ketch Boards) ready at registration.
This is a bass only event, so Largies and Smallies. 
We will start hopefully by 5am and end at 1pm, 
Closed mouths only for pics 1" deduction for open mouth. Please have your 5 pics ready for review to speed up the process. Don't come back late, 1 inch deduction every minute after 15 minutes you are Dq'd.

The lake is fishing strong and this should be a great outing, make the trip, it'll be worth it. This is a new lake to us, so that makes it even more exciting.
Sign up now at
Paypal will close Wednesday night. See you there.

Check in Registration

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Boyd Lake Bass Tournament Schedule

2018 Bass Tournament Kickoff 4/28 Don't miss out, it looks like its going to be a great showing.

When: April 28th Check in will start at 4:45a and launch will be at 6:00am. End of day will be at 2:00pm
Where: Personal Watercraft Ramp (See Picture)
Cost: Prepay is $40 Walk Up is $50 plus once a year membership fee of $10
Big Bass Pot:$5 cash paid at the event.
You can register online here

If you have questions please contact us at


  • Have your safety equipment ready at check in (PFD, Sound Device, Light)
  • Eligible Measuring device (Hawg Trough or Ketch Board without cradle)
  • Species: Largemouth, Smallmouth and white bass 8" minimum. 

PWC Ramp Launch

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018 Charity

Colorado Kayak FIshing Club (CKFC) is more than just fishing it’s about helping the community the best we can. The Club is only able to donate to these worthy causes though tournament fees, time donated by active members and the generosity of sponsors, partners and members. Thank you everyone that has come out to support the CKFC.
Past Causes and Events
2016 we were able to donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Denver
2017 we were able to donate to Patriot Anglers
A handful of volunteers also helped out at Cherry Creek Kids Fishing event last year on behalf of CKFC
We donated through the smile bin to the Southern Colorado Junior Bass Club in 2017.
Every year we choose a non-profit to be our main charity. In 2018, we chose The Initiative, a very worthy cause that is protecting those that are most vulnerable. Below is a summary of what The Initiative does. Thank you Mitch Salzman for nominating the charity.
For more information visit
The Initiative
Founded 32 years ago the Initiative’s vision is to Create an Abuse Free Culture for All, and our value is Safety, Accommodation, Compassion, Inclusivity, and Freedom.
Majority of survivors are women with children who are experiencing homelessness from escaping their abusive situation, which causes them to be more vulnerable. Domestic violence and disabilities are top leading causes of homelessness in our local community. The total of 70% of the clients is experiencing homelessness, and 100% of these clients are below poverty guidelines, and they have very minimal resources.
We serve about 350 to 400 survivors a year on a small budget with a small team. We focus the services on the intersection of cross-disability issues and abuse. “Cross-disability” means that we serve people with all forms of disabilities, including physical, sensory, cognitive, developmental, mental-health, and health-related.

2018 Tournament Schedule

Click Here to See Full Schedule 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chatfield Tournament Itinerary

OK folks here's the itinerary for this upcoming weekend at Chatfield Reservoir. If I forget anything please feel free to pile on in the comments section, this is all off the top of my head. May 20th Bass tourney: Check in will start at 3:30am, please have all of the paperwork filled out prior to check in, you can download the ACA form, and the CKFC form from The tournament will take place from the swimbeach, once you have checked in feel free to place your kayak and gear down by the waters edge, help each other out to make the process go smoother. We will do a shotgun start by 5:15am...530 at the latest. The contest will be over at 3pm, unless weather dictates an earlier time. You will be notified the day of the tournament. You can bring in pictures of 5 bass, largemouth or smallmouth, please just bring in 5 pics, I don't want to go through 30 pics to find your best 5. All mouths must be 100% closed, if the checkers are unsure they will call in for a second opinion, once a decision is made, it is final, 1" deduction for open mouth pictures. Once the totals are completed, the winners will be announced. Please have your PFD, Whistle, Hawg Trough, and Flashlight at check in so we can take care of everything in one shot. If you do not pay via paypal by Wednesday night then you will have to pay $50 the day of. Please be sure to pay membership fee as well, if this is your first tourney. May 21st: The only difference will be the species so check in time and paperwork will remain the same. You can bring in 5 pics to the weigh in, you can only have 2 pics of the same species, which means you need to catch all 3 in order to complete your limit. An example would be 2 bass, 2 trout, and 1 walleye. This will make this tourney more challenging, but I feel it will also be alot more fun. Mouths must also be 100% closed for all of the multispecies tourneys as well.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Announcing the 2017 Tournament Schedule

Announcing the 2017 Tournament Schedule
Some familiar water and some new ones. 
Come join the fun this year!
Click Here for the Full Schedule

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Colorado Kayak Fishing Club (CKFC) Granby Tournament Recap

On October 8th, 2016 the CKFC held its’ last kayak fishing tournament of the 2016 season at Lake Granby.  Those entered into the tournament were attempting to (1) score some of the cash and prizes and/or (2) build points toward the Angler of the Year (AOY) award.  Lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout and kokanee were the target species for this multi-species event.  Anglers could CPR up to two lake trout and up to five rainbows, browns and kokanee.  A five fish limit (pictures) could be submitted at the end of the day where total inches would determine the winners. 

The day started out at 17 degrees but quickly warmed.  With little to no wind, those anglers who were able to find lakers were able to stay on top of them and record two lakers before moving on to the other allowed species.  Presenting plastics or spoons were the preferred methods for lake trout.  All species of fish were somewhat difficult to pattern as were the bigger fish.  First place was won by Mitch Salzman with a total of five fish at 63.75 inches.  Second place was Alex Rojas at only ¾ of an inch behind Mitch.  In third place was Cole Rodgers at 61.75 inches. 

With his second place finish, Alex Rojas able to add 99 AOY points to his cumulative score throughout the 5 multi-species events in 2016 securing his position as the CKFC 2016 top Angler of the Year in the multi-species division.

The CKFC would like to thank the Parker Gander Mountain store and management team for donating 20 bags of soft plastics to our anglers.  These plastic baits made by Gander Mountain will definitely catch multi-species and be valuable to our anglers in the remainder of the 2016 fishing year as well as next year.  Stop by the Parker store and check out not only the Gander line of fishing equipment but the other product brands.  The fishing team there led by Don Broeren are knowledgeable and accomplished competitive/recreational anglers on Colorado waters.  Thanks again Gander Mountain!