AOY 2018

The Final 2018 Angler of the Year (AOY) Results!!! Congrats to the top 5 of each series! You guys qualified for the Tournament of Champions at Lake Fork (Nov 3-4).

Now for the announcement for each Series:

In the Multi-Species 2018 Tournament Series, Mr. Consistent Ronald Southworth put some work in this year! He was truly the model of consistency. He placed in almost every tournament we had. He’s a great ambassador for our sport and is always quick to help someone out. I look forward to the challenge of competing against him again next year. Congratulations Ron, you deserve it! With this win as AOY Ron has now qualified for the KBF National Championship in Louisiana.

In the Bass 2018 Tournament Series, Mr. Clutch Jason Duong came through in the last tourney of the year and took the AOY title away from Ron. He needed to finish in 2nd or better and did exactly that! I appreciate all the hard work he’s done for this club the last two years as President of our club and before that as the Treasurer. You’re one hell of a stick and an even better person! Congrats Jason Duong – The Bass 2018 Angler of the Year! With this win he also qualifies for the KBF National Championship.

A huge Thank you to all our sponsors who help make this all possible and continue to support this sport we all love and this awesome club!

The biggest THANK YOU goes out to all of you who continue to amaze me with all your generosity and compassion for the sport, club and each other! All the money the club made this year is a direct result of all of you participating in CKFC events and making them so much fun. We are going to make a difference yet again (as we have in the past) for a charity. This year we will donate a lot more (more than double) to yet another local charity (The Initiative). So we will be able to help them put your money to a very good use and help out our community as a result. As Michael Archuletaalways says….Pay it Forward…Believe That!