2017 AOY Winners

2017 CKFC Multi-Species Series ANGLER OF THE YEAR

*** Paul roth ***

After a summer of fishing 5 events in the Multi-Species division, we have one guy who out fished us all and won Angler of the Year (AOY). My Congratulations to Paul Roth! He placed top 3 in every tournament he fished, with one execption (5th at P-Lo). He put it all together this year….didn’t matter if he was fishing for Bass, Walleye, Trout, or Pike. He got it done. Paul congrats again on a great year!

2017 CKFC Bass series ANGLER OF THE YEAR

Scott Brands

Congratulations to Scott Brands!  Scott was a tournament beast this year.  He beat everyone out and won the 2017 AOY race….and he did it fishing out of a paddle kayak!  Everyone always says what an advantage it is to have a pedal kayak, well Scott just made a statement saying if you can fish, the fishing platform doesn’t matter!  Again Congrats to Scott!