Tournament Fees and Membership

In order to participate in a CKFC Tournament, you must be a paid CKFC Member for the tournament series you wish to participate in or both. We run both a multi-species tournament series and a bass only series. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF BOTH, IF YOU CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE IN BOTH SERIES.

Each CKFC membership series is good for that calendar year.

CKFC Tournament Schedule: Tournament Schedule – CKFC ( 

Current Membership Benefits:  Member Benefits – CKFC (

The Membership/Tournament Fees:

  • $20 For Bass Series Membership
  • $20 For Multi-Species Membership
  • $30 For Membership In BOTH Series($10 Discount)
  • $60 Fee for each live tournament entry (includes $5 fee for tourneyx, and $5 that goes to the Big Fish Pot)
***How to document for signing up for Membership and Tournaments:***

Membership Fee :
Membership Fee :
Membership Fee :

**We are using the TourneyXpro app, whenever possible.  To sign up for a tournament, please click on the TourneyX Registration button below to take you to the CKFC Tournament Registration page on TourneyX.**

***The tournament password for the tourneyx tournament registration is the same password that was emailed to you after the purchase of a membership.  If you don’t have it, check your spam folder.  If you still don’t have it, reach out to one of the board members by filling out the form located here: Contact Us – CKFC ( ***