Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Trinidad Bass Tournament 6/9

Trinidad Tournament
Check in/Registration will start at 4am (Please see below for launch spot) 
Please have all your paperwork and PFD, light, sound device, and Measuring device (Hawg Trough, or Ketch Boards) ready at registration.
This is a bass only event, so Largies and Smallies. 
We will start hopefully by 5am and end at 1pm, 
Closed mouths only for pics 1" deduction for open mouth. Please have your 5 pics ready for review to speed up the process. Don't come back late, 1 inch deduction every minute after 15 minutes you are Dq'd.

The lake is fishing strong and this should be a great outing, make the trip, it'll be worth it. This is a new lake to us, so that makes it even more exciting.
Sign up now at
Paypal will close Wednesday night. See you there.

Check in Registration