Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018 Charity

Colorado Kayak FIshing Club (CKFC) is more than just fishing it’s about helping the community the best we can. The Club is only able to donate to these worthy causes though tournament fees, time donated by active members and the generosity of sponsors, partners and members. Thank you everyone that has come out to support the CKFC.
Past Causes and Events
2016 we were able to donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Denver
2017 we were able to donate to Patriot Anglers
A handful of volunteers also helped out at Cherry Creek Kids Fishing event last year on behalf of CKFC
We donated through the smile bin to the Southern Colorado Junior Bass Club in 2017.
Every year we choose a non-profit to be our main charity. In 2018, we chose The Initiative, a very worthy cause that is protecting those that are most vulnerable. Below is a summary of what The Initiative does. Thank you Mitch Salzman for nominating the charity.
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The Initiative
Founded 32 years ago the Initiative’s vision is to Create an Abuse Free Culture for All, and our value is Safety, Accommodation, Compassion, Inclusivity, and Freedom.
Majority of survivors are women with children who are experiencing homelessness from escaping their abusive situation, which causes them to be more vulnerable. Domestic violence and disabilities are top leading causes of homelessness in our local community. The total of 70% of the clients is experiencing homelessness, and 100% of these clients are below poverty guidelines, and they have very minimal resources.
We serve about 350 to 400 survivors a year on a small budget with a small team. We focus the services on the intersection of cross-disability issues and abuse. “Cross-disability” means that we serve people with all forms of disabilities, including physical, sensory, cognitive, developmental, mental-health, and health-related.