Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chatfield Tournament Itinerary

OK folks here's the itinerary for this upcoming weekend at Chatfield Reservoir. If I forget anything please feel free to pile on in the comments section, this is all off the top of my head. May 20th Bass tourney: Check in will start at 3:30am, please have all of the paperwork filled out prior to check in, you can download the ACA form, and the CKFC form from The tournament will take place from the swimbeach, once you have checked in feel free to place your kayak and gear down by the waters edge, help each other out to make the process go smoother. We will do a shotgun start by 5:15am...530 at the latest. The contest will be over at 3pm, unless weather dictates an earlier time. You will be notified the day of the tournament. You can bring in pictures of 5 bass, largemouth or smallmouth, please just bring in 5 pics, I don't want to go through 30 pics to find your best 5. All mouths must be 100% closed, if the checkers are unsure they will call in for a second opinion, once a decision is made, it is final, 1" deduction for open mouth pictures. Once the totals are completed, the winners will be announced. Please have your PFD, Whistle, Hawg Trough, and Flashlight at check in so we can take care of everything in one shot. If you do not pay via paypal by Wednesday night then you will have to pay $50 the day of. Please be sure to pay membership fee as well, if this is your first tourney. May 21st: The only difference will be the species so check in time and paperwork will remain the same. You can bring in 5 pics to the weigh in, you can only have 2 pics of the same species, which means you need to catch all 3 in order to complete your limit. An example would be 2 bass, 2 trout, and 1 walleye. This will make this tourney more challenging, but I feel it will also be alot more fun. Mouths must also be 100% closed for all of the multispecies tourneys as well.